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Headquartered in Chicago, IL, Vyaire Medical is a device manufacturer built to support and improve the lives of patients with a laser focus on improving outcomes and increasing value for customers. Vyaire serves healthcare customers with innovative device and service solutions across the respiratory and anesthesia continua of care.

Formed in October 2016, Vyaire is comprised of legacy brands that have a 65-year track record of pioneering, innovating, and advancing care. With a portfolio of new and legacy brands like AirLife™, Vital Signs™, Vyntus™, AVEA™, and SuperNO2VA™, Vyaire products are aligned with the patterns of respiratory and operative care found across the globe.

Vyaire products are arranged into four strategic product platforms: Ventilation, Airway Management, Respiratory Diagnostics and Operative Care. The Ventilation platform includes products like the 3100A HFOV and AVEA ventilators as well as InfantFlow™ neonatal nasal CPAP. Vyaire’s Airway Management platform offers products like the AirLife NIV mask, Tri-Flo™ subglottic suction device, Misty Fast™ small volume nebulizer and the innovative SuperNO2VA nasal PAP ventilation device.

Vyaire’s Respiratory Diagnostics product platform brings leading tools for testing pulmonary function, including the Vyntus CPX for cardiopulmonary exercise testing, and SentrySuite™ software platform. Vyaire’s Operative Care platform is home to well-known and trusted products like Vital Signs anesthesia circuits, the Multi-Link™ X2 ECG platform and enFlow™ fluid warming system.

As a unified “breathing company,” we are focused on improving outcomes and increasing value for our customers. Learn more at