Monaghan Medical Corporation (MMC) is a leader in the development and manufacture of aerosol drug delivery devices and asthma management products. Monaghan is a supplier to major pharmaceutical companies in respiratory medicine in the United States. The company’s strength lies in product development around core capabilities in mechanical design complimented by collaboration with a state-of-the-art aerosol research laboratory. Monaghan is focused on developing cost-efficient, outcome-based solutions for our customers.

Monaghan Medical Corporation manufactures the AeroChamber® brand of Anti-Static Valved Holding Chamber and the AeroEclipse® II Breath Actuated Nebulizer; aerosol delivery devices used by respiratory therapists in hospitals worldwide. Monaghan provides solutions for effective airway clearance with the Aerobika™ Oscillating Positive Expiratory Pressure Therapy System; a device that can be used in conjunction with aerosol treatments.

Monaghan is dedicated to the pursuit of respiratory airway solutions for care providers and patients. Over 300 peer-reviewed articles supporting the company's respiratory management products have been published in medical journals throughout the world.