InFloCone Disposable pMDI Mouthpiece

InFloCone Disposable pMDI Mouthpiece from Alliance Tech Medical, Inc.

P.O. Box 6024 Granbury, TX 76049

Company Profile
The InFloCone (IFC) disposable mouthpiece is designed to simply and economically provide the user with consistent and efficient delivery when inhaling pressurized, metered dose medications. The IFC will help to avoid the random mishaps and effects of medicine spray into the face. It will also allow the momentum of high speed propelled aerosol to slow as you inhale while adding a degree of repeatability to the delivery of each dose.

Guidance Grip Technology means one size fits all pMDI's
Coneoval Shape allows the mouth to be in a set open position for consistent delivery of aerosol
Rolled Coneoval Edge allows for a secure, confident seal with your lips
Straight-Forward Delivery Guidance will aid the coordination effort to allow user to concentrate on the all-important inhalation technique while also allowing for the propelled medication to be received more slowly
Economical means that your cost for the InFloCone mouthpiece is much lower than typical chambered devices used and that combined with the small footprint of the InFloCone may help to build compliance and adherence to therapy
The Discreet, Compact and Simple appearance of the InFloCone means that it can be there whenever you need and wherever you are


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